The Ultimate Triumph of Love in A wrinkle in Time

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【关健词】tesser; Camazotz; family; love
Abstract:A wrinkle in Time, the 1963 Newbery Award winner, is a science fiction written by Madeleine L’engle, best known for her Time Quartet, a series of YA novels about time travel. Propelled by the thoughts of life in other universes, the writer devote

The Murrys’ is a an excellent family as Mr. and Mrs. Murry are excelled scientists of time traveling. Their daughter, Meg, a rebellious girl to school disciplines, holds deep affections to her family members, especially to her father, who has disappeared for more than a year during a time traveling experiment. As for Meg’s younger brother, Charles Wallace, childish and innocent as he appears to be, he is amazingly knowledgeable and composed.
The story starts on one stormy midnight, when a uninvited guest Mrs. Whatsit appears in the Murrys’ house, starling Mrs. Murry, Meg and Charles Wallace who are taking snacks. The mysterious tramp seems to be familiar with the family’s conditions, and her mentioning of tesseract (a sort of wrinkle in time) triggers Meg’s interest, as she has ever heard the term from her father before. Following the clue, Meg is determined to fine her father.
Soon Meg, Charles Wallace, and their friend, Calvin,kick off the adventure through time and space with the help of Mrs. Whatsit and her companies Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which. During the fifth—dimensioned journey, the three kids learn that the universe is threatened by a great evil called the Dark Thing, in the form of a giant cloud, engulfing the stars around it, and several planets have already succumbed to this evil force, including Camazotz, the planet on which Mr. Murry is imprisoned.
Then, the three Mrs. W’s send the kids to the Camazotz, telling them to stick together whatever happens. Thereafter, the three start the exploration on the planet. To their astonishment, the movements of all people and things there are perfectly identical, confronting to a fixed tempo. They later unveil the mystery that everything is under the control of IT, a giant disembodied brain. Assumingly Charles tries to fight IT with his superb intelligence but unfortunately falls prey to IT. Meg is disheartened at the controlled Charles. Then directed by the fake Charles, they finally find Mr. Murry. In order to flee from IT’s evil power through the Charles, Mr. Murry hastily tessers to another planet with Meg and Clavin, where tall beasts cares tenderly for guests, despite their horrifying appearances, so that Meg recovers soon after she gets terribly hurt on Camozotz. However, she is extremely anxious about her beloved brother left alone in IT”s hand. When the three Mrs. W’s reappear, Meg is assured that only she can rescue Charles with her inner power, which she must summon. Despite her utmost uncertainty, Meg returns to Camozotz. She finds the emotionless Charles by IT’s side, but helpless in despair confronting IT for a time. Then in a sudden, she is enlightened, realizing that her pure love for Charles overpowers IT. Thus she succeeds in getting Charles back.

        Finally, as expected, the Murrys’ get reunited excitingly, and Calvin, ever since, has been added to the family. In regard to the Mrs. W’s, they continue their tessering. 

The story centers on the process of the three kids’ adventuring through the time “wrinkle”on request for Mr. Murry. The author portrays vivid scenes of the good contradicting and finally defeating the evil, in turn reveals the theme that love is the superb intelligence which surpasses any forces in the universe. Then, in my notion, the story comprises of three sorts of love.
To start with, the most distinctive love, as Meg for her father and brother, which basically out of their blood bond with each other. It’s the fundamental factor that motivates her to stake her life on all the threats, and its also her last possession which overturns the evil power. It’s rather enlightening in reality. We should always be self-conscious that even if we lose all the fortune, we can forever hold the eternal love in our families. They are our ultimate source of courage and bravery to face setbacks in life.
Then, the deep affection between Clavin and Meg, which is formed and gradually deepened in the course of the journey—the love eases their tense and soothes their misgivings in the confrontation with enemies. This reminds me of an old saying, “true affections are usually formed in predicaments”. However, in nowadays society seethed with extravagance, rarely any lovership may undergo any plight, so that lovers’ flash breakup has become a normal phenomenon, and the divorce rate is soaring everywhere. These truly await our meditation.
Finally, the love between strangers like the Beast for Meg is also impressive. Being deadly astounded by its fearful outlooking, Meg is gradually overwhelmed by its kind motherly love for her. Therefore, the lurking kindness in people should be observed, explored and accepted with gratitude. That provokes our introspection into our suspicion-flooded society, as people keep alert to the intruders of our inner mind.(责任编辑:南粤论文中心)转贴于南粤论文中心:代写代发论文_广州毕业论文代笔_广州职称论文代发_广州论文网)